Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life's a Piece of Pumpkin Pie

I am completely enveloped in Christmas joy! Decorations, the tree in Union Square, planning my holiday party, gingerbread house making, ice skating with all my girls this weekend, and 6 and counting friends' Christmas parties this month.

My spirit feels alive. I think this has a lot to do with the season, a lot to do with the fact I am madly in love, a lot to do with my outlook on the near future (which excites me beyond belief) and a lot to do with my naturally sunny disposition on life in general. And... I have to admit I believe it might be that I know in my heart this is my last holiday season living in San Francisco and I am soaking it all in like the sun in Summer. I know that I am moving forward and it is such a natural progression, but also know that my huge valiant effort moving to the city as this single, somewhat naive, but very brave girl will forgo all that liberation and some of my sparkle of being so self sufficient while galavanting around the city in awe of everything will end. Of course, all of this is in exchange for a beautiful love, (and man if I might add) someone to grow with, think together as a couple, make decisions based on the best interests of both of us (and have the convenience of a car and a true blue grocery store to shop in again, ( not just Walgreens, thank you very much) but somehow someway maintain my huge need for independence all at the same time.

Ask Dan, poor dude. I admit, I have fought this. I have fought it harder than anything in my life. Giving up the most incredible city in the world has been a hard decision, but one that I have grown to value and have it excite me and make me feel content with my decision to be close to my family and the love of my life. It is such a struggle to not just settle with the best of both worlds as I have done the past year. I have maintained my beach bohemian girl lifestyle in San Diego, and been the sophisticated (let's get real, not so sophisticated at times) city girl exploring new neighborhoods, restaurants, and making new friends constantly in SF. But with time, somehow this natural urge of wanting more starts to run through your veins, and spending early mornings with someone you love reading in bed sounds more thrilling than being hungover all day with the 23 year olds in the Marina. (Or in some cases the 35 year olds.)

With that said, I have had the pleasure of experiencing fun things in San Diego and San Francisco the past week and it has been the loveliest of the loveliest. The kind of week that makes you want time to stand still.
A few highlights have included:

*Taking a road trip with Trace from SF to SD. 8 hours felt like 2 with 2 best friends for 23 years gabbing the whole way down.

* A mellow, low key Thanksgiving dinner with my fam and D at the Boathouse in Coronado.

*Forcing Dan to watch Love Actually with me one morning in bed

*Trying to decide on a tropical beach vacation spot with D while singing Beach Boys "Kokomo" to him. Aruba, Bahamas, come on pretty mama... (Btw he didn't know the song! Who raised you D?)

*Picking out the perfect christmas tree with my mom, dad and Obie!

* A romantic dinner at Old Venice in Point Loma. An enchanting sparkle light patio, delicious Italian, and someone you love= perfect dinner

*Trying to decide on a neighborhood to move to in SD, we had breakfast in North park, fell in love with the artistic, funky vibe and house hunted for adorable craftsman's in the area

*Spending time with one of my best friends Amira at her delightfully decorating house for christmas. We ate turkey pot pie and heavenly cupcakes all while gossiping and laughing at how similiar we are in so many aspects of our lives.

*Went to Disneyland with my family to celebrate Dyl pickle's 1st birthday. We had such a great time together and it reminded me how thankful I am for my family.

*Finished decorating my house for the holidays

*Took my dear friend Kirby's yoga class and felt completely centered and calm after a hectic week. Looking forward to practicing with her much more, including a session on my roof in the sun this Sunday together

*And happy hour wine with Brit, who I can never get enough of. We never run out of things to chat and laugh about. Love friends like that so much.

I have made huge headway on crafting my christmas cards. I have been immersed in DIY projects this year. Once I finish one, I immediately dive into the next. I am working on a sweet treat for all the teachers for Hannukah and will post next week after they are all wrapped up. :)

Tomorrow is Friday, thank god! My weekend plans include napping, crafting, yoga, ice skating with my girlfriends, reading magazines and spending QT with the bun. Rough, I know.

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  1. Love your honesty Kel - and totally understand fighting what you feel so proud to have accomplished. Luckily, you've already accomplished being a strong, independent girl who can make it on her own in a big (little) city. Nothing will ever change that, and you'll always be that girl :-) You'll just be that girl living with her amazing boyfriend, and near her family and bestest friends! Yay :-)