Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Sunday, April 21, 2013

“Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream” - Kerouac

Hello my friends! Spring is officially here and to say it's been busy is an understatement. Not sure when 50 hour work weeks became the norm, but after sweet weekend escapes with my dear friends lately, and a few goal setting, dream talking types of dinners with D, I am feeling refreshed once again! The fog is lifting, my windows are wide open this morning, and Funny Bunny just hopped on the couch and is laying by my side. (Does life get any better?)

 Seasons change in all sorts of ways, I suppose. We adapt. We reevaluate the things we want and need in life as each season comes and goes. Life brings a lot of surprises, and it's great to open the windows and sway and spin to an unfamiliar song in the light. Open your heart to all the possibilities, it feels fantastic!

So far Spring has meant road trips to LA for sunshine in Venice Beach, plane rides to SF to visit my best friends and visit my old students at the school (an absolute dream that truly left my heart so full!) Wine nights on my deck,  Mel's beautiful wedding, and happy hours with heart to hearts with K that included in depth conversations about just how tough life can be at times. How very important it is to NOT compare ourselves to others, NOT be so hard on ourselves, and to try our hardest every day to support the friends and family in our lives. Because at the end of the day- we are doing our very best. 

The next few weeks bring a trip to Atlanta to celebrate my cousin Lindsay graduating, Justine's wedding with Kev, and a weekend trip to Palm Springs with girlfriends! I just can't wait! 

Here's to embracing the new, and opening the windows and letting that light shine in on your soul!
Happy Spring friends! xo

Visiting Brit in Venice

Mel's wedding with D

The Abbot's Cellar in SF 

Celebrating Tracy's baby bump!

Seeing old friends is so effortless and fun!

My beautiful life long friends!

Wine night with my sidekick Nat

Wine night set up 

Exploring the city with the best friends a girl could have