Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sunshine, Summer, and Loving All Things Wine

                                                                     I've been living life to the fullest. 
The simple life that is. Trading the craziness for the quiet. When I moved back to San Diego a year ago I took a little break from teaching to pursue a job in the wine industry. All I knew was I had a passion for learning all I could about wine, and within months I was taking wine classes at SDSU and stepping out of my comfort zone joining women who shared my passion by joining a Women's Wine Alliance which is a group of women who work in the wine industry in San Diego. How empowering it feels to be BRAVE! I have been working hard at my new job, and I love it. I want to grow and learn all I can. This has lead to quiet nights with D, a Summer full of: triple date lunch dates with friends, a 4th of July party on the bay with our friends, a visit from my wonderful cousin Lindsey, an impromptu night dancing with Kirbs and Nat, celebrating Brittany's birthday in SD with her family and friends, and sneaking away for weekends away in beautiful Lake Almanor. I have been thinking a lot about true friends, true love, and enjoying this sweet life as much as possible. Weddings, 30th birthdays, showers, and babies have been the theme of this year. Big milestones and such beautiful things to share with dear friends. I want to finish up Summer with dinners on my deck, runs along the bay, afternoons at wineries in town, live music, and spending all the time I can in the sunshine with friends and family. 
                                               Smile. Shine. Share all your love. Be proud. Do what you love.
                                                                              Happy weekend my friends!
Kellogg Beach steps from our house

Sunset in OB

Celebrating Brittany's birthday at The Pearl!

Sweet visits with my cousin Lindsey

Impromptu visit from Kirby! Yay!

Lake Almanor

These. Girls. My. Heart.

All dressed up with my favorite guy!