Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good morning!

Arrived at work to this happy little face. It is bound to be a great day!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend in Big Sur...

D and I got home last night from camping in Big Sur which was one of the most magical, incredible places I have ever been. I usually am not a camper, but after settling in with no phones, and just getting back to basics I really loved it. It was so nice to just be with Dan, relaxing and being together with no interruptions.

We both took Friday off work and headed down the windy 1 to Big Sur. The drive is absolutely beautiful.I think I drove Dan crazy wanting to stop every 100 feet for pictures.

After stopping for lunch and having dance parties in the car, we arrived at Fernwood Resort in Big Sur and set out to explore our surroundings. We checked in in an actual old historic schoolhouse which I (of course) loved. We stayed right on the creek and it was such a nice, calm setting for the night. We built a fire, hung out inside of open redwood trees, drank some Happy Camper wine (a little gem I found!) and played Uno. (I won of course!)
For the first time in a VERY long time, I looked up and saw thousands of stars above. It was spectacular! That was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Saturday morning we got up early and stopped for breakfast at this enchanting little hotel called Big Sur Inn. We ate in this tiny, dimly lit restaurant just as it was starting to rain outside. It felt as though we had stepped back in time and were in this little time trap of a restaurant. We then decided to go for a hike to the Pfeiffer waterfalls and set out. we hiked all the way up a huge hill and arrived at a beautiful waterfall.

When we were done we set down the coast to a tiny town called Lucia. Once you get south of Big Sur there isn't much but windy roads and beautiful ocean cliffs. We came back to our campround and sent up our tent, and got ourselves prepared for the night. Dan cooked us dinner over the fire, as I prepared cheese and wine and relaxed in the tent. Once we were full, we were exhausted and headed to bed early. I can easily see how without electricity you fall asleep at dark, and wake up with the sunrise. I was ready for bed each night by 8, no joke.

We woke up early next morning and cooked breakfast on the fire, and headed back north to stop at Point Lobos State Reserve which I have heard is the most beautiful park in all of California. And, after seeing it, I believe it too! It was so beautiful to walk along the rocks of the most stunningly beautiful water I have ever seen. I didn't even know it could be so blue and green!

All in all, as much as I fought camping, I actually really loved it. I loved disconnecting from the world and just enjoy my time with D. And although I will not cave in on the facts that I must have a shower and coffee first thing in the morning, I think sleeping in a tent (the ultimate fort) and it being perfectly acceptable to drink a beer at 8am is just awesome!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


That is how have I have been feeling. Simple, unmistakable joy. My kids came back to school and I truly am in love with each and every one of them. They each have so much personality and I know that each one has so much to bring to the class. I know it is going to be a great year!

I just had one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. I was able to see a lot of friends and spend time doing fun things throughout the city. Since I was in San Diego for such a long time in August, I raced back and got straight to work on my class and meeting all the kids that I didn't have any time for fun. This weekend was a blast. I spent time with my friend Britney on Thursday and was able to catch up over happy hour and drinks at Balboa Cafe. Much. Needed.

I sent my best friend in the world off to Croatia on Saturday. She is going to travel solo for 10 days and I couldn't be more excited for her. I think it is such a wonderful way to try something new. A woman traveling on her own. I love the thought, and I think more women should be brave enough to give it a try. I think Eat, Pray, Love had a huge impact on the way my generation thinks and we continually strive to be a society where women are independent and self sufficient. (I do realize this is also coming from a girl who lives in one of the most progressive, liberal cities in all the world!) So far every email has said she is overwhelmed in the beauty and frustrated with how hard it is to be alone and travel in a country where no one knows what she is talking about. I am so proud of her none the less.
Saturday night I tried a restaurant I have been wanting to try for a very long time, Isa.It was everything that I imagined and more. D's friend Will from college joined us, and I ran into some dear friends as they chatted all things baseball for 2+ hours. The restaurant was so unsuspecting when looking inside from Steiner. Then,all of a sudden you walk back into this precious patio with twinkle lights everywhere. We ordered the scallops and duck breast which were both delicious. It was great company, and such an enchanting ambiance in the heart of the Marina. Definitely going back.

Sunday I woke up early to attend the annual bbq that my school puts on for all the families at my school. It was so fun to see all the kids outside of school and spend quality time with the families of the kids I taught last year. It is such a warm, inviting community and I love being a part of it. D had gone to Danny Coyle's to watch the Charger game so I came and met up with them after the bbq. Danny Coyle's is so fun because it is the only SD Charger bar in SF and it was PACKED. Hundreds of fellow San Diegan transplants cheering for their team. We had such a great time. I will be there every Sunday with Trace, no doubt.

Speaking of San Diego, I will be there a bunch starting after our trip to Big Sur next weekend. I have a few weddings to attend, my high school reunion (Oh. My. God.) and of course ONE (there are always at least 3) of my birthday celebrations when I am there Oct. 21st-24th. I am thinking a fantastic birthday brunch with mimosas and best friends at World Famous. I have been feeling quite motivated and productive lately so I will leave you with some things that are keeping me inspired...

Getting reacquainted with my city I love after a long absence. Time to start crossing off my list once again...

BEGGING D to let me get another baby bunny. He says he has to put his foot down with me somewhere. Especially because we plan on getting a puppy! Yay! Thinking of sneaking a little bun in right before we move in together early next year. I can just imagine his anger with me. (But really, how can you resist that little face?)

Sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters for Fall. Fall fashion is my heaven.

our camping trip to Big Sur next weekend! It was D's birthday present from me and since I actually agreed to camp (as in sleeping on the ground voluntarily) I think that is the best birthday present In. The. Entire. World.

Sunshine in SF and in SD or wherever my adventures take me...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Starting fresh...

I have had quite the busy week! I just finished my classroom which looks absolutely precious. I can't wait for all the kids to be back tomorrow to make it come alive! I worked really hard for the past week to change it completely around from the way I had it last year. All the teachers are here today finishing everything up, I would say we are a dedicated team. :)
I started back to school myself this week and have read and completed a seven page paper already. I am hoping I will not be crazy stressed this semester. I worked so hard at the end of last year, and I decided to cut my days a little shorter so I have plenty of time for school and happy hours with my friends. (You know, the most important things!)
It was a holiday weekend and though I worked a lot, I was able to rest and relax too. I spent time with Cody and made a mexican food dinner and watched a movie together. Cody and I are so close we don't even need to talk the whole time we are together, we can just relax and just be. Love that about us.
I have been feeling so happy lately. Maybe it is because I have been really productive and busy. I have been able to work hard and rest too which great for me because I love to sleep. I always feel like September is really the start of the year. I always feel so refreshed and have that "take on the world" type mentality at this time of year. Things are going really well, and I am looking forward to hanging with my wonderful friends again now that things are going to be settling down a little.

I am very excited to be in the city for a few weeks after being in San Diego for almost the whole month of August. D and I are going camping in Big Sur in a few weeks, and I can't believe I am admitting this, but I am actually excited to rough it a little, hike and spend quality time in a place we both have never been. He is so awesome about putting in the effort so we can see each other, even when work is crazy like it has been for him lately.

I feel so ready to be back at work and couldn't be more excited! Cheers to a wonderful school year and fresh start in September!