Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Monday, January 28, 2013

Two year old kisses and new beginnings...

Hi friends! Wow, this year is off to a beautiful start! After getting to start the year in Chicago, it has been busy and the type of month that inspires goal making, lists, new jobs, and being inspired! I usually feel the post-holiday blues in January, but this month has felt so jam packed there hasn't been any time for any of that. That, and the sun has been shining almost every day this month. I've been feeling full of hope and optimism lately and I know 2013 is going to be an incredible year!

Dan and I have my nephew Dylan for the weekend, and the Smith/Bruckart house has been full of laughs. Dylan absolutely adores Dan. Seeing the two of them together fills my heart with so much love!

It has been Restaurant Week here in San Diego, and it when it extends to two weeks it is bliss! I love getting to try new restaurants and experience all the fun that comes with dining out with the people closest to you. I have been lucky to enough to try quite a few new restaurants the past two weeks, and every single one of them were delicious!
Nat and I enjoying Prep Kitchen in Little Italy

Mister A's with my parents

Mr. A's

1500 Ocean at The Del

The weather last weekend was gorgeous! Sunny and warm and we spent the whole weekend outdoors! Beach days, runs along the bay, and spending the morning at an outdoor farmers market with D made my weekend pretty special. It was nearly impossible to have anything but a completely splendid two days. Just one of the many perks of San Diego in the Winter.

Lately I've been thankful for quiet nights at home with D with chats about getting a puppy. For quality time with my mom and dad in Coronado. For my new job and the opportunity to do work that I love. For simplifying and creating a zen environment in our home. For sunny beach days in January. For making fun plans with friends and lazy afternoons with naps.  The joyful exuberance of Funny Bunny every morning. The first cup of coffee with vanilla creamer at 6am. And most of all, for a man that takes me on the best dates, just because he loves me.What have you been grateful for lately? Here's to being thankful and how life always works out to be just plentiful.

Sweet morning in OB

Hillcrest Farmers Market

Friday, January 11, 2013


Last week, I had the opportunity to go to Chicago for work. I hadn't ever been and it was at the TOP of my list, so I had to go! What an enchanting little city! I loved all the architecture so much. The brick, the buildings, the history- I couldn't get enough. Just walking around in the freezing cold, (which it turns out, I really enjoyed!) stopping in warm coffee shops, cute boutiques, and eating at restaurants that all had fireplaces made for a pretty special week!  I feel as though I was able to see a lot of neighborhoods, and since my boss grew up in Chicago, she took me to all the spots off the beaten path. My favorite neighborhood is called Wicker Park. It is east of downtown Chicago and is absolutely adorable with all of it's shops, restaurants, and bars on every corner. I can't wait to get back to the city with Dan. We want to try to go in the Summer so we can catch a Cubs game, take a boat ride along the river, and enjoy walks along the lake. Some pics from my trip:
Such a sweet romantic little restaurant!

Old Town 

View from the Shedd Aquarium across the lake

Old Esquire Theater- Gold Coast

We took a scenic drive along Lake Shore Drive- Northwestern University

Wicker Park

This is Sophia. She loves shopping. I have taught her well.

All smiles in the city!

Bundled up!

We had some great weather. 

Great little shop with delicious sandwiches and all my favorite wines for sale!

Wandering around Old Town. Wells St.

Baha'i Temple in Evanstan

Spice shop in Old Town

Sophia and me at lunch-Northside

A beautiful view across the lake!