Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Friday, February 24, 2012


What a week! A busy, jam packed, exhausting week. Not to mention an emotional day at work today. I truly feel as though teaching is half facilitating the children and the other half being a therapist for families. Since I have felt way too tired each night to post between work, helping a new mom out with her 3 yr old all week, and writing a 24 page paper ( and reading about 10 chapters of my Diversity in Education book each night ) it has left little time for much else. I do love my job though, so I thought I would share something special we did last week together. In the Jewish religion, there is a holiday for EVERYTHING. My very favorite holiday is Tu B'shevat which is the birthday of the trees! Yes, you sing to the trees, make them presents, and of course plant a few trees as well. This is an adorable opportunity for pictures of the kiddos, and treats all around!

I asked the children in my class what they would like to make for the trees' birthday, and naturally they said milkshakes! ( Of course!) We blended those babies up, headed outside and had a picnic right under our very own tree outside the classroom. We sang, made cards and ornaments for our tree and enjoyed the beautful February sunshine in SF. Here are some pics:

So when you have had a busy week and some bad days mixed in there too, my advice is this : stop everything you are doing, and run to a child you love and hug and kiss them like crazy. In my case, my kiddos in class. They make life pretty amazing. I am so lucky.

Ps- Blogger is not letting correct typos, and is driving me crazy. Time for a nap in the nap room. Happy Friday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Very Happy Wedding Weekend...

Over the weekend I was in San Diego for Dan's cousin's wedding. Let me tell you. This. Wedding. It was so beautiful, a true snapshot of classic elegance. Maureen and Johnny are two of the sweetest people alive, and are a wonderful couple. Weddings are fun no matter what, but getting to be with Dan and his whole family was really special. He had his Japanese side of the family in town from Hawaii, and it was really fun getting to meet them and spend time together. I felt overcome with loveliness at the wedding and loved every minute. (And I might add, my boyfriend looked SO handsome!)

The happy couple <3

Dan's brother and wife who I adore.
D's parents going into the photobooth

The night ended at Andaz on the roof, and everyone had so much fun. Sunday was a nice day of rest and relaxation at home. Last night my mom and I went to Mister A's which was my treat for her birthday! It. Was. Delicious. We drank Rombauer wine (a family favorite,) ate Escargot with a garlic butter sauce, Chilean Sea Bass and a Filet. The food was amazing, but the company was even better. My mom and I never run out of things to talk about and love to laugh with each other. We are planning a trip to Europe in the Summer and this was great insight to all the fun we will have together!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love is Here to Stay...

Oh, sweet Valentine's day! I love it, I really do. It is unbelievably hard to have a boyfriend far away who I can't be disgustingly romantic with on one of my favorite holidays.(Let's get real, I REALLY love every holiday.) But being with my dearest friends was just as fabulous. This day is so special though because I LOVE love. I love it in all forms. It is just so good for you. Love brings feelings of butterflies, laughs, and even just a quiet presence in a friend at times.

I woke up in a cheerful mood and was excited to have a great day with the munchkins. I brought the kiddos little heart stickers to play with even though I work at a Jewish school and they don't celebrate the holiday. (Shhh! Don't tell. It is for fine motor skills!) Mid morning I had beautiful flowers delivered from D which made me smile brightly.(Plus a little trip to wine country in a few weeks- cannot wait, we love it there.) Since we had to spend the day apart, I invited Cody and Kirbs over for a little Valentine's Day feast. Love my wonderful friends so very much.

We chased a celebration of love with wine and made toasts to our amazing friendship. We talked of new adventures, how our hearts must always stay young, and the magic you feel when you know you have friends that you will grow old with. We laughed, and ate Mexican food which is wildly appropriate given we all met in San Diego. We talked about growing, but never growing up. We laughed at the cute little bun and how crazy he can be. We felt lucky. We felt loved. And that's what Valentine's Day is about. Love is here to stay. xo

ps- I am writing on my new computer! No more blogging from my iPad. I am so very excited!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Adventures in Tahoe...

There was sunshine and snow and red rosy cheeks. Ten friends and a cozy fire. We danced to Whitney and laughed all night. We drank mimosas and got our fortune read by Voltar. We said a cheers to Ali and wished for her birthday sparkle and a sky filled with happy wishes all year. There were a few stolen moments with D, and hugs with new friends. There was buttery chardonnay, delicious dinners, and a smile on each of our faces. It was a lovely weekend in all.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Over the Weekend...

Oh, sweet solitude. That is how I let the weekend go by. I could have easily called all of my friends to hang, but in the end I needed a weekend that was dedicated to all the things I wanted to do and see. Like every girl in SF, I spend a lot of time working, going to happy hours and dinners with friends, traveling out of town on weekends, and spending any time I can with my sweet boyfriend. I didn't know going into it that I wouldn't see any friends, I just allowed myself to reflect. I allowed myself to think about the things I want and where I would like this year to take me.

Friday when I got off work I got off a few stops early on the bus so I could grab all the new magazines that just came out. I have this little store on Fillmore that carries all the mags you could ever dream of and I love stopping in, buying 10 a couple of magazines and heading down to Johnny Rocket's for a milkshake a burger. (Yes, Johnny Rocket's. I worked in a little 50's diner for years and ate burgers and shakes on the daily so I have GOT to get my fill once and a while.) I read and enjoyed my alone time and headed home to bed. Yep, it was 6pm.

Saturday morning I woke up and went to a workshop for work on Sensory Integration for children. I won't bore you with the details I found fascinating, but I will say taking seminars and workshops as a young teacher really allows you to open your mind to things you SHOULD know as a young educator. This particular workshop was brilliant because it taught me ways to handle children who learn different ways than most. Once regulation is understood, it is easy to help the children with their emotional and cognitive development. As a teacher I found this crucial to the way I teach now and forever. Imagine all the teachers who haven't had any experience of sensory integration with children who can't sit still, not answer when being spoken to in class, etc? The lack of compassion and ignorance astounded me.

When I got out of my workshop, the sun was shining and it was WARM. Glorious! I headed home and headed straight to my roof where I let the rare February sunshine engulf me. I read my new book and looked across the city at the Golden Gate Bridge and thought about a lot of things. The bridge represents everything San Francisco is to me. It is a symbol of strength, power, and HUGE dreams that have been fulfilled. I wonder how I feel when I can't just wander up my stairs and escape as I look at the city from up above as the world hurries by in chaos below me...

After heading to bed once again at 8:30, (am I dreaming? So fantastic.) I woke up this morning and headed to do a house tour in Pacific Heights. This house is called the Haas-Lilenthal house and is the only mansion available to tour in the city. It is a huge Victorian that was built in 1870 and withstood the 1906 earthquake when every other home around it crumbled and then burned in the fire. The family lived there until the 1970's and then donated it to the Architecture Heritage Fund which has kept everything original. I have been wanting to tour this house for so long, and I am so happy I did. Seeing as how it was Superbowl Sunday, it was empty and I received my own personal tour! I absolutely love history, (San Francisco history in particular.) So this was VERY cool.

The tour guide showing me a little secret passage way outside.

Original stove in the kitchen.

The front Parlor Room

Original stained glass. So beautiful!

Books that have been there since the 1870's. Incredible.

Decided to spend the rest of the day shopping in thrift stores and working on a paper in a cozy Starbucks where I could people watch on Fillmore. After a few days of retreat my body and soul feel replenished. Hope everyone had a fantastic, relaxing weekend! Love to you all. Xoxo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How Sweet It Is...

It´s one of those days when a beautiful warm inspiration like this just flows, when these pictures become the loveliest company, and I want to play Fleetwood Mac over and over until the night turns dark. Feeling light and whimsical. Welcome February! Sunshine starting the month off right, hearts everywhere, two trips to a magical snowland planned this month, delicious Valentine's treats, family members visiting from a far away land, (ok, Atlanta!) and of course celebrating sweet LOVE. Oh yes, I do WELCOME you February...

Dreaming of being on this beach with D in 9 weeks! -Caye Caulker, Belize

Treehouses to sleep in

Sweet little buns...

My new dreamcatcher necklace I have been wearing everyday

Dancing to the beat of your own drum