Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Over the Weekend...

Oh, sweet solitude. That is how I let the weekend go by. I could have easily called all of my friends to hang, but in the end I needed a weekend that was dedicated to all the things I wanted to do and see. Like every girl in SF, I spend a lot of time working, going to happy hours and dinners with friends, traveling out of town on weekends, and spending any time I can with my sweet boyfriend. I didn't know going into it that I wouldn't see any friends, I just allowed myself to reflect. I allowed myself to think about the things I want and where I would like this year to take me.

Friday when I got off work I got off a few stops early on the bus so I could grab all the new magazines that just came out. I have this little store on Fillmore that carries all the mags you could ever dream of and I love stopping in, buying 10 a couple of magazines and heading down to Johnny Rocket's for a milkshake a burger. (Yes, Johnny Rocket's. I worked in a little 50's diner for years and ate burgers and shakes on the daily so I have GOT to get my fill once and a while.) I read and enjoyed my alone time and headed home to bed. Yep, it was 6pm.

Saturday morning I woke up and went to a workshop for work on Sensory Integration for children. I won't bore you with the details I found fascinating, but I will say taking seminars and workshops as a young teacher really allows you to open your mind to things you SHOULD know as a young educator. This particular workshop was brilliant because it taught me ways to handle children who learn different ways than most. Once regulation is understood, it is easy to help the children with their emotional and cognitive development. As a teacher I found this crucial to the way I teach now and forever. Imagine all the teachers who haven't had any experience of sensory integration with children who can't sit still, not answer when being spoken to in class, etc? The lack of compassion and ignorance astounded me.

When I got out of my workshop, the sun was shining and it was WARM. Glorious! I headed home and headed straight to my roof where I let the rare February sunshine engulf me. I read my new book and looked across the city at the Golden Gate Bridge and thought about a lot of things. The bridge represents everything San Francisco is to me. It is a symbol of strength, power, and HUGE dreams that have been fulfilled. I wonder how I feel when I can't just wander up my stairs and escape as I look at the city from up above as the world hurries by in chaos below me...

After heading to bed once again at 8:30, (am I dreaming? So fantastic.) I woke up this morning and headed to do a house tour in Pacific Heights. This house is called the Haas-Lilenthal house and is the only mansion available to tour in the city. It is a huge Victorian that was built in 1870 and withstood the 1906 earthquake when every other home around it crumbled and then burned in the fire. The family lived there until the 1970's and then donated it to the Architecture Heritage Fund which has kept everything original. I have been wanting to tour this house for so long, and I am so happy I did. Seeing as how it was Superbowl Sunday, it was empty and I received my own personal tour! I absolutely love history, (San Francisco history in particular.) So this was VERY cool.

The tour guide showing me a little secret passage way outside.

Original stove in the kitchen.

The front Parlor Room

Original stained glass. So beautiful!

Books that have been there since the 1870's. Incredible.

Decided to spend the rest of the day shopping in thrift stores and working on a paper in a cozy Starbucks where I could people watch on Fillmore. After a few days of retreat my body and soul feel replenished. Hope everyone had a fantastic, relaxing weekend! Love to you all. Xoxo

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