Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Glittery Stars and Wrapped Surprises

Merry Christmas!

There was the most special spark in the air today. Not only was it Christmas, but it was my wonderful mom's birthday. That in itself is magical, but something about today being filled with love, family, precious Dylan and whispers of the new year paints everything in this golden light of sweetness and beauty. The past few days have solidified everything I am meant to do and be, and I feel so whole and fulfilled. Next year will bring a fresh new place to be wild and free spirited in once again and surprising little gifts along the way I am sure. I will tip tap on that road to stability, new friendships, a closer love with my love, and being even closer to my family. I cannot wait to embrace these delightful ideas and adventures.

I guess the heart is never silent. When I write I realize that impossible things are not all that crazy under the stardust. Sometimes they actually become real with a glowing depth, beauty and joy. This is how I feel with my family surrounding me as I sit and write this. If you just open your soul to these possibilities then the universe is constantly unfolding right. in. front. of. your. eyes.

These past few days have been a blast. I have had some lovely dinners with D, did a restaurant walk with my mom, been light looking, spent a lot of time chasing Dyl pickle around the house, watched sunsets from the Del, played board games with my sister and brother in law and laughed SO much with my family. This morning we opened the most thoughful, well thought out presents for each other. We all loved what we received, but the greatest part was seeing the happy expressions and true appreciation for the gifts you picked out yourself for that special person and the way it filled your heart with merriment from giving to them.

Coronado on the most beautiful Christmas day!

Me and Dylan in front of the tree at the Del

Grandpa Dizz and the babe admiring at the flowers

Cute mama and sweet boy

The other night D and I went to Little Italy to see his cousin and fiance's new apartment and have dinner with them. When I lived here I didn't spend too much time in Little Italy. What a sweet surprise! It is enchanting and precious with wall to wall restaurants and shops to walk along. It was decorated absolutely adorable for Christmas and I fell in LOVE with it. We met them at their beautiful new house and chatted for a bit, and headed out to dinner. Johnny had heard about this great restaurant called Bencotto, so we headed over. Everything we had was TRULY amazing. It was one of the best dinners I have ever had in San Diego. We ended up kind of sharing a pumpkin ravioli dish, beef braised in red wine, cioppiono, and a delicious seafood special. We laughed, had great conversation, and enjoyed a delicious meal over wine and friendship. To my San Diego friends, run, don't walk to this restaurant. Amazing service, the BEST food, and great company= an unforgettable night out.

When D and I were walking to the car, I lost him for a minute. I looked around for a second to discover there was my amazing boyfriend kneeling down handing our leftovers to a very grateful homeless man. To see such a random act of kindness by Dan, literally made me weak in the knees and fall in love with him all over again. It truly is the little things in life.

Hope everyone has had an exceptionally happy and wondrous holiday filled with that magic I spoke of earlier. I just played Apples to Apples (which I bought for the fam this year knowing they would love it, but not with much intention.) I never counted on the laughter and joy that it would bring us for hours upon end tonight. We sang for my mom, we cheered when one of us won, and we all told each other just how much we love and cherish each other.

And that's exactly what Christmas is about.

(Oh, and him. That sweet Christmas baby. He makes things EXTRA special!)

So much love to you all. xoxox


  1. i love you kelly - saramax

  2. SO excited that i found your blog kelly! sounds like you had an amazing christmas with your loved ones! looking forward to more positive uplifting stories from ya!

  3. Kell!!! I eat at Bencotto once a week (because I work in Little Italy) it is amazing :) that pumpkin dish is to die for. I love your blog. xo

  4. Such a sweet post Kelly. Love the honest approach to your posts...glad you had a great Christmas.

    ps. you've been linked on my blog...

  5. You are such a great writer Kel <3