Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I See The Party Lights

Hi sweet friends!
I didn't exactly fall off the map, well let's get real...actually I did. These past few weeks have been crazy busy with holiday parties, school ending before Winter break, which included tying up loose ends on the kids picture books, making sure parents got presents and hanukeiah's from their kiddos, babysitting a ton, Christmas shopping, and oh, a little bout of pink eye from those glorious children I love as my own.

Even as busy as I have been, I have been so looking forward to being home for the holidays. I have most of my shopping complete, and am looking so forward to little Christmas dates with D and enjoying every second with my family. We have so many fun things planned between light looking, seeing movies, walking to the Del for drinks, a day trip to Julian, dinners and gift exchanges with friends, and dressing up for New Years.

4 days! It is absolutely almost Christmas. I am so excited to give out all my presents to my family! It's the best part! I did a lot of online shopping this year, which was so much easier than being out at the malls. Although, I can't completely avoid the malls. I will be there Friday to finish up my list.

Since I have been so busy, I would love to catch you up on my last few weeks through pictures. It has been fun, exhausting, and lovely.

Disney with my family and D

My annual holiday party with friends

Wonderful co-workers

Great friends

Best boyfriend in the world

QT with baby D

Wine tasting in Healdsburg at Truett and Hurst

The crew- love this winery!

California Adventure Ferris wheel

The gorgeous castle for the holidays!

Laughing about Fun Bun's teeth with Kirbs

Impromptu dinners at home with my dearest friends

Gorgeous christmas lights in NoPa

Kirbs and me at the Divisadero Art Walk

A fun night!

Hope this caught everyone up. This month has flown by. Tomorrow morning I leave bright and early for San Diego... for 11 days! I am ecstatic. Cannot wait to share what a joyous holiday season this is going to be. I am so excited to get lost in this magical time of year, with unexpected kisses under the mistletoe, celebrate with happy bubbles next to the ones I love, and to let my inner child make Christmas wishes for me.

Merry Christmas friends!

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