Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"yeah darlin' go make it happen, take the world in a love embrace..."

Feeling inspired this morning. I am up early this morning after a rough week at work. I collapsed in bed last night happy that a hectic week was over, and looking forward to moving forward next week with happy children smiling each day, and the sun sparkling in San Francisco all week. (Really!)

I am heading to do yoga with sweet Kirby at noon and heading to Point Reyes hiking with Tracy this afternoon. I am feeling healthy and beautiful inside. Clear and confident. I hope you all feel the same.
Give someone a hug you care about.
Kiss the one you love (if you can!)
Be curious about life.
Go explore.
Run wild and free.
Close your eyes and say thank you to the stars above.
Live your dream.
And most importantly, share your love.

Was there ever a better time to do so? Love you all.

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