Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Weather, So Happy Together...

Happy to report nothing but sunshine and smiles here! It has been a whirlwind of 3 weeks and I couldn't be happier. Moving to San Diego in the Summer was no coincidence, friends. I hadn't had a Summer in four years after living in San Francisco, so I wanted to come back and enjoy EVERY minute. And that's exactly what I have been doing! Between decorating our adorable place, to taking walks outside along the water I am feeling so light and carefree - and might I add, tan! I just love the location of our house and I truly feel like it is our own little sanctuary. Shouldn't your home feel just that way? D and I are transitioning really easily living together. We both are busy and love to be out and about together or with friends most of the time so when we are at home it is relaxing and calm. A few of my Summer highlights have included:
*hula hooping at the beach with Kandi
*bbq's on our deck that overlooks downtown,
*drinking wine with D along the water at sunset
*A ton of dinners at Gabardine- Brian Malarkey's new restaurant that is just a few blocks from us!
*catching up with old friends over dinner and laughing the whole time
*last minute dinners with my mom in Coronado (So nice being able to pop over!)
*wine nights watching the worst of reality (but really the best!) tv with Nat
*making lemonade and eating my share of watermelon in the sun
*date nights with D whether we go out or just relax at home. (Either is just fantastic given we are just happy to finally be together!)

Wanted to share some pics of the best Summer EVER! (Also included on the bottom- a few pics of our house decorated, will definitely share more when I take them with my camera and not just my iphone.) Hope everyone is enjoyoing their Summer to the fullest! I'm off to drink wine on my roof on this lovely night! xoxo
Relaxing in OB

Our roof deck

Dinners with Obie and my mom!

Friends over to our house for drinks on the deck

I have become obsessed with this sweet swing!

Love the easy going lifestyle here- a guy paddleboarding with his dog

Reunion with my old roomies in OB

A night of hula hooping and bbqing on the deck

Watching the sunset in front of our house

Dinner at Gabardine

The perfect Summer dessert

Living Room

I added a lot of San Francisco touches throughout the house

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