Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Saturday, July 28, 2012


What a whirlwind of a week. I arrived last Friday morning to sunshine and open arms from all of those who love me! After a weekend of decorating our new house, D and I decided to take a break Sunday for lunch and celebratory mimosas in OB. We got back to work that afternoon, and only stopped for dinner reservations we had at a cute little Italian restaurant near our new place. When we arrived I saw my and Dan's whole families already seated for a surprise welcome back dinner! It was so sweet, it moved me to tears. What a special girl I am. I felt so blessed in that moment, I couldn't get enough. This month has truly reminded me how loved I am. Between a ton of time with friends in my final days in SF, to being welcomed back whole heartedly with friends and fam in San Diego, it has shown me what a beautiful little life I have, and what wonderful people I have surrounded myself with.

Surprise dinner with the fam!

A sweet reminder while roaming in OB


My rooftop patio- perfect for bbq's and sun!

It has been a big transition that came to fruition yesterday morning when I just wasn't feeling like my happy self.Reality set in, and with a big week of changes it crept up on me. I was missing my friends in SF terribly, and shed a few tears because all I wanted was to walk down to Cody's and grab a drink. It was so easy! When you have an amazing group of friends in a place that no one has families near, these people become your family. I LOVED living 5 blocks from my best friend. I loved hopping on the bus 10 minutes to see Tracy when I wanted. I loved having all my friends over for dinner once a week. I chalked it up to actually just needing some alone time to reflect, so I spent the day gallivanting in my favorite place on the planet- OB. Oh, this sweet place can make me happy any time. My heart lives there, you know. I lived there for almost 7 years before moving to SF and I love that I know all the locals and can walk through this beach town stuck in the 60's all while feeling I have taken a step back into time. I roamed around the 2nd hand clothing stores, scored some awesome finds, had lunch by myself while reading magazines, and walked up to Santa Cruz street to relax at the beach for a few hours. It truly solidified every reason I am back. Summer in San Diego has got to be the best place in the world to be. I am home.

Santa Cruz St.-OB

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