Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Full Circle

The days are winding down for me not only in this incredible city, but at work as well. I have been having so much fun with the kids the past few weeks and really enjoying the time that is left as a class. These kiddos know how to tug at your heart strings and light up life! A few weeks ago we received a Butterfly Life Cycle Kit from one of the parents, and we watched their transformation from caterpillars to butterflies. A transformation feels really significant in a lot of areas in my life right now, so taking the time to watch these beautiful creatures was pretty awesome. The kids loved watching the caterpillars eat and grow bigger everyday. One Monday we came back from the weekend and the little guys had built themselves into their chrysalis' and were couped up for a few weeks. The kids waited so patiently as we transferred the chrysalis' very carefully from a cup to a huge new home for when they hatched into butterflies! Within a week, they were here!

The kids were just fascinated with the butterflies. To be honest, I was fascinated too! These tiny little critters turn into fluttering, lovely creatures and fly away to find their way in life is just beyond me. It truly makes me believe in some sort of beautiful higher power. Here are some pics we snapped today:

Making wishes for the butterflies :)

This past week was a really hard one for me. The way I am feeling right now is like night and day from how I was feeling last Tuesday. I was able to spend some quality time with D as he was up here for a wedding down in the Central Valley. It was a gorgeous wedding to say the least and we danced and laughed with friends the whole night. The past few nights we were able to try a few new restaurants in my hood that I hadn't had the chance to try before, so it was fun to be so close to home after an amazing meal and just relax together. The house hunt is still on for us, please send us good vibes for OB.

Even though it is a little stressful trying to house and job hunt from 500 miles away, I feel as though I am stopping to smile at every little thing in the city right now. I am wanting to try new places to eat, taking walks down different streets and enjoying all the moments with my amazing friends here. I am feeling exactly the way I felt when I first moved here, entranced with all the sights and sounds. I am in love with SF again. It feels wonderful.
 Tonight, Jill, Dan's sis in law is in town and we are heading to dinner and having a little slumber party. To say I love her, is a HUGE understatement. I absolutely adore her.I have a really fun weekend planned with friends between packing my little house up and can't wait to share all the fun things I will be doing before I go! Lots of love!

Road Trip!

Sunset at the wedding

Such a perfect night!

Precious little dessert table

Out trying to spots in the city

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