Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Friday, May 25, 2012

1,2,3,4 What Are We Fighting For?

My dad sent me an interesting article by James Franco the other day and it has really resonated with me. In the comments section people shared their stories of  when they thought the 60's died. My dear friends and family know that I have quite an obsession with the 60's, particularly in SF. I have read countless books on this era, and am fascinated with the scene in the Haight/Ashbury at that time. The bands to come out of this city are incredible, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane to name a few.

 In Franco's article he mentions what he thought was the end of the "Flower Power" era. This peaked my interest so much, because yes, a lot of events took place that one might consider the end- Martin Luther King Jr. assasinated, The Altamont Free Concert stabbing, The Manson murders, and of course the horrifying  Kent State shootings in 1970. All of these things were tragic and terrible, and really created a dark shadow over the free and peaceful days the hippies knew and loved. To be honest though, what I see is still a powerful movement amongst us! Why do we feel such an urge to put the hippie movement to death? The spirit of the sixties is so very alive in human rights issues, environmental issues, and any and everywhere that people fight for their rights! The quest for freedom from hypocrisy and war are what set off the debates in the 60's and brought such an awareness to the world. This is still so present in a lot of our lives.

I feel as though I am someone who shares the same ideals that were a part of the blossoming bohemian movemnt. These ideals are still around and always will be as long as we continue to raise awareness, fight for what we believe in, and practice acceptance and love. Power to the People and those who will always have a hippie heart.

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