Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hooray! It is Friday! I absolutely love Friday nights because I usually stay home to relax and catch up on my favorite shows and magazines. Tonight is no exception. I have had a great week back to work. I didn't realize how much I missed the kiddos until they came back and I could swear they all grew an inch! I hugged them tight and we had a lot of fun each day. Today during music class, I held a book for the music teacher while he played the guitar and sang along with the book. When we were finished I exclaimed "Wow! I just loved that book! That was so great," to which one of my students replied "Kelly, you love EVERYTHING!" I thought that was really special, and oh so true!
Beautiful blue sky in SF
Did some crossing off of my list this week. My dear friend Johnny was in town visiting so me, Britt, Cody and him went to Trattoria Contadina which is this adorable, quaint little spot on the cusp of North Beach and Russian Hill. The cable cars roll right past you as you enjoy dinner. They have delicious food and we all caught up over wine and laughs. I love when friends come into town because the sparkle and whimsy of SF returns to me and I just feel so joyful. On the way o the restaurant I hopped on the cable car and rode it down the hill to the restaurant. I took pics just like a tourist. I'm still so in love with San Francisco. Since I am trying to write more, I thought a little Friday Favorites post each week might be fun, just a little glimpse into the little things that make me smile throughout the week.
Happy drawing I found walking to work
Color in the Spring!
Planning vacations :)
Showing off my Spring attire- white skirt and loafers
Dinner with extraordinary friends
My mode of transportation Wednesday night
I will never gety sick of this view!

Hope all my friends have a fantastic weekend! It is supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny in the city. So very excited. This weekend is for a tan, new fashion mags, window shopping at Anthropologie, milkshakes, and brunch dates with friends. Lots of love to you all. xo

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