Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting in the SPIRIT of Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays hands down. Haunted houses, pumpkins, watching scary movies... the works. And don't even mention all the halloween candy I eat by the pound every year. It also helps that my birthday is four days before so I am always in a very festive mood. This year has been no different. I have encouraged all my friends to partake in many Fall traditions with me and we have been having so much fun.
Last Thursday Cody, Kirby and I headed down to Half Moon Bay to visit our favorite pumpkin patch Lemo's. This place was made for me. It is bright, fun, vibrant and adorable. You can go on rides, go through their haunted house and feed animals in their petting zoo. We all had a blast picking out pumpkins and spending quality time together.

After all the fun there we did some wine tasting in town (because what trip isn't complete without wine?) 8 tastings to be exact. :) We met some people who told us they had just finished at an awesome labyrinth in town you could go through. This totally piqued our interest and we set out. We had so much fun going every which way in the maze. We got dizzy, we laughed, we were frustrated at times, but we finally made it out. We were thrilled! Now hungry, we headed back up the 1 and stopped at Sam's Chowder House. It had such a beautiful view of the ocean, and the sun was just setting so it was a perfect time to stop and eat yummy seafood. What a pumpkin perfect day...

View from our delicious dinner

This past Monday a few of us did the San Francisco Haunted Tour. I have been wanting to do this tour from the moment I created my first SF Fun List. I was so excited to finally cross it off! We met at The Queen Anne Hotel and listened to our tour guide Jim tell us all about the history of the hotel and how haunted it was. He told us that we would be taking a walking tour of all the most haunted mansions in Pacific Heights. I absolutely love this sort of stuff, so I was giddy with excitement as my best friend Cody (who is always a good sport and accompanies me to all the crazy adventures I want to go on) rolled his eyes. I thought this might be a good time to head across the street and grab some wine to liven things up a bit.

Ghost hunting crew...

Trace and I checking out room 410 which is the most haunted in the hotel

We all had so much fun as Jim took us to the mansions and told us about murders and cover ups and of course, the ghosts that still haunt the houses. It was really cool to hear all about the history of San Francisco as well. I walk by these places every day for work and would have never known.

I have loved getting into the spirit this year! Tonight D and I are going to the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego on a night tour. This house is recognized by the government as a TRUE BLUE haunted house. Eeeeee! I just love that my awesome boyfriend wants to do fun things with me all the time. I hope we see a ghost! Hope everyone joins me in getting in the spirit! Lots of love! xoxo

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  1. Can I just say that one of my favorite things about you is how much you love scary stuff like haunted houses and ghosts!!! Can we PLEASE have a scary movie night soon?? Haha, I'm laughing to myself thinking about the paper plate heads hiding in the corner of the dark room waiting for you to wake up! Love you Kel!