Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Enjoying Now.

While reading a fantastic blog Zen Habits, It had me thinking a lot lately about going back to the meditation gardens in Encinitas that I love so so much. It’s a lush, green garden with running water, ponds, yoga, people strolling, all while overlooking the bright blue ocean.  
While really thinking about the concept of leaving it all behind, I want to know,  is it possible to find this peace in our own homes, with the endless distractions and things to do? Do we need to "get away" to really find ourselves?  We are so quick to think about the future and the past, that we forget about how truly beautiful the present is. All we really have control of is NOW. I want to practice leaving it all behind, and focus on the power of the present. 
So how do we leave everything behind, so that we can find peace? What I gained from this post, was it takes practice being present. It sounds silly that in this day and age we need to practice this! But by enjoying the people I'm with in the place that I am in, it creates endless happiness in all areas of life. To just throw my phone in my purse and enjoy the now, to let go of the need to check, to be all knowing. This creates true happiness. True conversations, uninterrupted laughs. Remember the days we didn't have phones in our immediate grasp? I want to take it back. I want to be accountable for being the most present I can be. 

Life is too short to not enjoy every moment all encompassed in the beauty of the world.
Sometimes we just need to get back to basics.

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