Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Standing Still

Saturday mornings are my absolute favorite. It is quiet, serene, and I have the house to myself while D sleeps away. Funny Bunny hops around the house chewing on all the cords but is happy as can be. D thinks I desperately need to give Funny Bunny some rules but he is like me- a free spirit who doesn't believe in too many rules. I really should add Dan thinks this because it is his xbox wires and work shoes Funny Bunny chews. How lucky I am Dan loves me unconditionally.

I have had a really calm, happy week. This is the first week that I feel totally settled here. I have been doing "normal" things that I haven't really done in two years because I was back in forth between here and SF so much. I love just coming home and having my bud here with me and knowing we get to spend every weekend together. Last night we took a cooking class at Hipcooks in North Park and learned a lot. If you know me well at all, you know I can barely boil water. It was a great class where we made butternut squash risotto, goat cheese bruchetta and (my favorite) creme brulee. It was a great, interactive class and we had a lot of fun! I loved sitting down with everyone after and eating our creation. It was a perfect date night, but would also be fun with all your girlfriends too! They have a ton of different themes and cook meals around them that include all fresh ingredients and wine pairings to match.

I am meeting two friends that I haven't seen in years today for brunch. I love that about being home, life long friends that you are able to reconnect with. I am excited to laugh and chat about how far we've come in life and recount all the silly things we did in our early twenties. I am missing Sonoma something terrible, so I asked D if we could go wine tasting tomorrow in Julian. It doesn't even come close to the beautiful wineries I know and love in NorCal, but it will have to do until I can get up there in two weeks when I visit all my friends in SF!
I suppose I will just have to throw my bathing suit on and walk outside to the beach and enjoy this incredibly beautiful day. It's a rough life my friends. Have a happy weekend! xoxo

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